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This Sake has the Highest Authorized Ranking in Japan. It is traditionally brewed without being fortified with alcohol or additives.

Characteristics of TAMANOHIKARI
Type: Rich and dry with a beautiful harmony of acidity and sweetness: like superior Chateau Wine.
Taste: Natural Ginjo flavor is full-bodied and silky smooth and has a refreshing aftertaste.
Temperature: Best served at 40°F-50°F or 105°F-115°F.
Complements: All types of dishes, especially fish (fresh or cooked, particularly Sushi and Sashimi)
Origin: Product of Kyoto, Japan, since 1673.

Junmai Dai-Ginjo Tamanohikari "Bizen-Omachi 100%"
It is 100% "Omachi", the best Sake-making rice, which is over 50% milled.
Bizen-Omachi 100% 720mL 720mL
Not only for yourself, this bottle of pure Sake can be an excellent gift for those special friends and important people in your life.
Bizen-Omachi 100% 300mL 300mL
When you wish to have a drink with a touch of luxury, this Sake bottle comes in a handy size. Enjoy a couple of glasses for your satisfaction.
TAMANOHIKARI TOKUSEN 1.8L 1.8L , 720mL * left image is 1.8L
This taste makes great company for your dinners at home.
Junmai Ginjo TAMANOHIKARI "TOKUSEN" paper pack
TOKUSEN paper pack 300mL , 450mL * left image is 300mL
Packaged in a lightweight paper container, this is handy to take with you when you go on a trip or hiking tour.
A traditional brewing method produces this pure Sake without fortifying it with alcohol or additives. We use 60% milled sake-making rice with natural yeasts and lactobacilli from our 100-year old brewery. It takes twice as long to produce this Sake, which reflects our extra care.
The full-bodied taste gives a distinctive impact like Bourbon whisky.
YAMAHAI  1.8L 1.8L
When you wish to enjoy the taste of Sake to your heart's content, drink deeply this pure Sake and satisfy your palate.
YAMAHAI 720mL 720mL
Enjoy TAMANOHIKARI and satisfy your palate!!
You can purchase your bottle of TAMANOHIKARI Sake through this site.
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 Many Shapes And Sizes

Enjoy the same aroma and taste regardless of the container, and think of TAMANOHIKARI whether it's for a party, a gift, a business occasion....or just for yourself . Like all Junmai-Ginjo Sake, TANOHIKARI should be kept in a cool, shaded place in order to preserve its qualities and it should be enjoyed as soon as possible after opening.

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